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Easter eggs, apologies, etc

So Monday night saw our first “Official” Club hangout in a while (what? we’ve been busy or something), and what better than a cocktail event. The Calgary Bartender’s Association hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at Diner Deluxe, meaning we got our share of protein in our cocktails and tasty bites (seriously, Lisa really wants to know what was in those egg squares). And we got to put our years of art school to test with some egg decorating. I don’t think it helped.

Anyway, sorry for being misfits. But! We’re getting right back in the swing of pimping out our Community Cocktail Book, so I hope you’ve been perfecting your favourite to submit. Deadlines have been moved back (September launch!), which means you’ve got until MAY to send us your recipes. So do it! Then we can all share a drink together.

Celebration Club

Saturday night was a special night for Club Club: we finally got to celebrate our sold out run of the Community Cookbook. Yep, we’re sell-outs and not afraid to say it. Thanks to YOU, we sold out in just four months. It was above and beyond anything we ever expected, another one of those face-melting, heart-exploding moments we saw so often during the process.

We hit up Model Milk for cocktails and octopus and double desserts, and geez, you guys, that place is trouble in the best kind of way. Katie got to make jazz hands, Lisa enjoyed some fruit punch and Erin was allowed to be high maintenance (they have pimento dram, ‘nuff said). Round out the night with some team Gambler necklaces and a luchadore kidnapping, and it was just the kind of celebration Club Club does best.

Again, we cannot thank you all enough for the overwhelming support in the cookbook. It made 2011 pretty special for us, and it was great to have you along for the ride.

love club club.

New Year, New Project

Oh hey, 2012, we’d like to share some drinks with you.

I know we’ve been a little negligent on getting up and going on our new project, but with an eventful holiday season put to rest, we’re ready to make Booze Booze a reality. And for that we need your help.

In the same spirit as the Community Cookbook, we’re looking for your favourite drinks to share with your friends, so we can share it with ours.


1. Submit up to three drink recipes, whether it be a cocktail, punch, hot toddy, whatever you like making best! That said, we ARE looking for drinks you have made your own … we all know how to make an old fashioned, so show us what you are doing to take it to the next level.

2. With each submission, please give a bit of background on yourself or the drink. Keep it personal. We want to know more about you.

3. Pass it on! We’re always looking for new people and new friends getting involved in the book.

Submit to clubclub(at) by April 2012. (Lots of time for you to get it perfect.) Any questions? Just ask!

love club club

Get ‘Em Before They’re Gone

This is pretty bittersweet, guys: this morning I stamped the last box of the Community Cookbook. Only 30 copies left! Which we’ll be selling to all the rad folks checking out Market Collective this weekend. Still want one? Then come early! We’re not reprinting, so it’s your last chance … or rather, next to last, there are still a few copies kicking around in stores. But still. Come visit us. We’ll also have a couple holiday treasures for sale, too. 

ps. we’re really into peppermint mochas if you want to be our new best friend.

Sorry for Neglecting You Club

Sorry for Neglecting You Club

2 years ago

Happy Halloween from club club!

So Katie’s birthday is super close to Halloween so she forced a party out of the rest of club club this weekend. It was pretty amazing: Burt Reynolds, Frida Kahlo, Duke Silver, two Harrison Fords, The Road, Jughead, and Medusa all made it down, among many others. Shots were drunk, mushroom caps were inhaled, floors got sticky, and a rad pal even carved us a club club pumpkin! Thanks to everyone who made it down, it made us feel super loved.

We will be selling cookbooks at Market Collective this weekend….stop on by and pick up a cookbook or something else cool by local crafty peeps….xo club club 

classy club.

classy club.

2 years ago

Dear Ox & Angela,

Everything about you is awesome and we don’t even care that it’s really hard to pronouce everything on the menu. Thank you for making Calgary better.

Love club club

P.S. Your Ceviche? Wow.


Thanks to everyone who came out (including some firetrucks that visited us not once, not twice but THREE times), Saturday’s Book Launch and Epic Potluck was a huge success! The tables were packed with delicious food and the dance floor was packed with out of control dance moves. We were happy to meet so many of our contributors as you’re the only reason there could have even been a book. 

Thanks for a night we won’t ever forget, and we’ll leave you with this parting tip: no fog machines in the basement.

love club club.

Epic Potluck FAQs

Our party is Saturday, September 3rd! If you’re planning to come, here’s a bit more information about the event. 

Can I bring my own booze? No. According to our liquor license, no outside alcohol is allowed but lucky for you we’ll be selling drinks on the cheap. Keep in mind it’s a cash bar, and there isn’t an ATM onsite.

What kind of food should I bring? Whatever You like! But if you want a tip, things that are easy for sharing are best. We’re expecting a crowd and are sure everyone wants a taste of everything!

Will there be chafing dishes for me to heat my food in? No, please bring your dishes serve-ready. We’ll be sure to get your dishes back to you clean!

Can I plug in my crockpot? Yes. There’s outlets if you need to plug anything in.

What if I’m not bringing a dish? No problem! We just ask for a cash donation at the door so you can enjoy the cornucopia of deliciousness that’s in store.

Can I bring something other than what I submitted for the cookbook? Yes! Bring whatever you like, just be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can prepare fancy tags or possible allergy warnings.

Can I use a credit card to buy books? No, the party’s cash only. Also, no ATM onsite.

What about parking? There’s free parking onsite!

Can I bring my kids? For sure! Bring ‘em, we’ll have some fun activities for the little ones. Why should they miss out on the party of the year?

We made a book baby.

Back in January, we had our first Craft Club meeting. Within 20 minutes of embroidery and wine, we decided there were way more things we wanted to do besides crafting, and Club Club was officially born. At that same meeting we talked about making a community cookbook. And so it began.

Over the next eight months, we harassed a lot of people, drank a lot of fuZion and stayed up too late too often. And loved it. Everyone we talked to was so supportive and enthusiastic and the momentum kept building. It reminded us how awesome Calgary is. 

Our book arrived today. A little shy of nine months, but we’ll take premature this time around. And we really can’t wait to share it with everyone come Saturday, because there seriously no way we could have done it without you.

Thank you. Love club club.